Hunting Wma In Georgia (Find Out Here)

There are a number of Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) in Georgia that offer unique hunting opportunities. The factors that determine what kind of hunting is available on a particular WMA include the size and type of habitat, the topography, the access points, and the wildlife population dynamics. Each WMA also has specific rules and regulations that must be followed.

When deciding which WMA to hunt on, it’s important to consider your own preferences and desires. Do you want to hunt on a large or small piece of property? What kind of terrain do you prefer? Is access to the property important to you? And finally, what kind of wildlife do you hope to encounter? Once you’ve answered these questions, you can narrow down your choices and find the perfect WMA for your next hunting trip.

How do you hunt on public-land in Georgia?

In order to hunt on public land in Georgia, you must possess a valid hunting or fishing license, or a Lands Pass. You can find a list of all public properties and access requirements at

Can you hunt bear over bait in Georgia?

No, you cannot hunt bear over bait in Georgia. The rule of hunting over bait only applies to deer, and does not apply to turkey, bear, or other big game animals.

Do senior citizens need fishing license in Georgia?

If you’re a senior citizen in Georgia, you don’t need to get a fishing license! That’s because the state offers a free Senior Lifetime Sportsman’s hunting and fishing license to residents who are 65 or older and were born before July 1, 1952. This license never expires and can be used for your lifetime.

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How much does a Georgia lands pass cost?

A Georgia lands pass costs $19.50 for three years of access to public land. This pass provides access to all state parks, historic sites, and recreation areas.

How much is a Georgia Outdoor Recreation Pass?

The Georgia Outdoor Recreation Pass (GORP) is a great way to enjoy the state’s outdoor recreational areas. The pass costs $19 and allows access to all of the state parks, forests, recreation areas, and historic sites.

How do I get a Georgia Outdoor Recreation Pass?

The Georgia Outdoor Recreation Pass is available online at, by calling 800-366-2661 or through retail license agents. A transaction fee will be applied to all purchases ($2.50 for online purchases, $3 by retail license agents and $5 for phone purchases).

How much is the fine for hunting over bait in Georgia?

The fine for hunting over bait in Georgia is $5,000. This is a serious offense and can result in your hunting license being revoked.

What license do you need to hunt WMA in GA?

In order to hunt on a WMA in GA, you will need a GA hunting or fishing license. This package includes a 1 Year Hunting License, and a Hard Card. Range access on federally owned WMAs requires only a parking fee.

How much is a WMA permit in GA?

A WMA permit in GA is $19. This permits allows you to hunt on public land that is managed by the state.

What license do I need to hunt a Georgia WMA?

If you want to hunt on a Georgia Wildlife Management Area (WMA), you need a license that includes the privilege to hunt or fish on state lands. All persons 16 and older on designated state WRD lands must have an individual basic hunting or fishing privilege.

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How much is fishing license in GA?

In Georgia, a fishing license costs $50 per year. For nonresidents 16 years of age and older, the cost is $10 for one day or $3.50 for additional days. This license covers basic fishing privileges.

How much is a South Carolina WMA permit?

A South Carolina WMA permit costs $100 per year. This permit is valid for one calendar year and allows you to hunt on any wildlife management area in the state.

How much is a senior fishing license in Georgia?

A senior fishing license in Georgia costs $35.00. If you were born on or before June 30, 1952, you may be eligible for a free Senior Lifetime Sportsman’s License. For more information on licensing requirements, please visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website.