Ks Hunting Seasons (Discover The Facts)

The Kansas hunting seasons are as follows:

November 15-December 31: deer, quail, pheasant, rabbit, hare, and partridge. January 1-February 15: squirrels. March 1-April 30: turkey. September 1-November 14: dove, ducks, geese, crane, rail, woodcock, snipe, coot and crow.

Can you hunt ditches in Kansas?

No, you cannot hunt ditches in Kansas. Ditches of county roads are considered private property owned by the adjoining landowner in Kansas and will require permission from the adjoining landowner to be hunted. No part of federal or state roads or ditches may be hunted.

Can you shoot coyotes in Kansas without a license?

Yes, you can shoot coyotes in Kansas without a license. There are no bag limits, so you can shoot as many as you want.

What is the current hunting season in Kansas?

The current hunting season in Kansas is Archery, which runs from September 13 to December 31. Muzzleloader season runs from September 13 to 26, and Pre-Rut Antlerless Deer season is October 9-11. General Firearms season is October 9-December 31**.

Is road hunting legal in Kansas?

Yes, road hunting is legal in Kansas. However, if you are hunting on a public road and there is private land adjacent to the road, you must get the permission of the landowner before hunting. Hunting is prohibited on federal and state highways in Kansas.

What are the dates for deer season in Kansas?

The deer season in Kansas runs from September 13th to December 31st. However, there are a few different hunts that take place during this time frame. The General Youth and Disabled Hunt takes place from September 4th to 12th. The Muzzleloader hunt takes place from September 13th to 26th. The Pre-Rut Antlerless Deer hunt takes place from October 9th to 11th. Lastly, the General Firearms season takes place from October 9th to December 31st**.

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How much does Kansas walk in hunting pay for?

Kansas walk in hunting pays an average of $2.50 per acre, but payments can range from 50 cents to $6 per acre. George said that the state pays an average of $2.50 per acre, but payments can range from 50 cents to $6 per acre.

What hunting seasons are open in Kansas?

There are several hunting seasons open in Kansas. Archery season is open from September 13 to December 31. Muzzleloader season is open from September 13 to 26. Pre-rut Antlerless Deer season is open from October 9 to 11. General Firearms season is open from October 9 to December 31**.

What Animals Can you hunt year round in Kansas?

There are a variety of animals that you can hunt year round in Kansas. The most common birds being hunted today are the pheasant, prairie chicken, turkey, doves, rails, snipe, crows, standand hill crane, woodcock, bob white quail, and rock doves or rock pigeons. Rock doves, or Eurasian Doves, or rock pigeons are considered a pest and can be shot year round.


What is close season for deer?

Close season for deer is a period of time when female deer are protected from hunting. This is done to help ensure the welfare of the deer and their young. Male deer are generally protected during the time when their antlers are growing, but this is less of a welfare issue.

What are the hunting laws in Kansas?

In Kansas, it is legal to hunt with a permit on private property. You must have the landowner’s permission to do so. On public land, you must follow the rules and regulations set forth by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism. These laws are in place to help ensure that everyone can enjoy hunting safely and responsibly.

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When can you shoot deer in Kansas?

You can shoot deer in Kansas using a Resident Any-Season White-tailed Deer permit. This permit is valid statewide in any season, as long as you are using the legal equipment for that season. The permit is available from August 2nd to December 31st.

Can you shoot coyotes out of a vehicle in Kansas?

Yes, you can shoot coyotes out of a vehicle in Kansas. There is no limit on the number of coyotes that you can kill, and there is no closed season for trapping or hunting them. You can use motor vehicles and radios to hunt coyotes, but only if they are in your vehicle.