Hunting Ranches In Texas (Helpful Tips)

If you’re looking for a hunting ranch in Texas, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to decide what kind of game you’re interested in hunting. There are ranches that specialize in deer, quail, hog, and even exotics like ostrich and buffalo.

Second, you’ll need to consider the size of the ranch. Some ranches are thousands of acres while others may only be a few hundred. Finally, you’ll want to think about the location of the ranch.

How much does Ox Ranch make a year?

Ox Ranch is a popular hunting destination that does $200,000-$400,000 in sales each month. However, the ranch continues to lose money, totaling about $2 million per year.

This is due in part to the high cost of feeding and caring for the thousands of wildlife on the property. The owner also donates an additional $2 million or more each year to support these efforts.

What is the biggest hunting ranch in Texas?

King Ranch, located in South Texas, is the biggest hunting ranch in the state. The sprawling ranch covers over 825,000 acres, making it a premier destination for hunters from all over the country.

King Ranch is also famous for being the birthplace of Texas game conservation. Visitors to the ranch can see firsthand the results of these efforts in the abundance and variety of wildlife that call it home.

What kind of animals does Ted Nugent have on his ranch?

Ted Nugent has a variety of animals on his ranch, including African Aoudad sheep, Iranian Red sheep, African eland, kudu, waterbuck, addax, and wild hogs. All of these animals are well-suited to the thick scrub and hillsides that make up much of the landscape on Ted’s ranch.

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How much is Ox Ranch worth?

The O.X Ranch in Arizona is currently the second most expensive real estate listing in the state at $25 million. This figure is based on recent sales data and market trends. Despite its high price tag, the ranch has received a lot of interest from potential buyers due to its unique features and location.

The O.X Ranch covers a total of 5,300 acres and includes a main house, guest house, bunkhouse, caretaker’s house, horse barns, and more. There are also several ponds and lakes on the property, as well as miles of hiking and riding trails. In addition to all of this, the ranch offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and desert landscape.

Given its size, amenities, and location, it’s no surprise that the O.X Ranch is one of the most expensive properties on the market right now. If you’re considering making an offer on the property, be sure to consult with a qualified real estate agent to ensure that you’re getting a fair deal.

How many acres is the Ox Ranch?

The Ox Ranch is a whopping 18,000 acres! That’s a lot of space for you to explore and enjoy.

How many acres is Ted Nugent ranch in Texas?

Ted Nugent’s ranch in Texas is 300 acres. This is a large piece of land that allows for plenty of space for the country musician to enjoy his time outdoors.

There are many different activities that can be enjoyed on such a large plot of land, and Ted Nugent certainly takes advantage of that. He frequently hosts hunting parties and other outdoor events on his property.

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How many acres of land does Ted Nugent own in Texas?

According to reliable sources, Ted Nugent owns 300 acres of land in Texas. This is a large piece of property, and it’s likely that he has plenty of space to do whatever he wants with it.

Who owns Frebo ranch Columbus?

Brent C. Oxley owns the Frebo ranch in Columbus, Texas. The ranch is a working cattle operation that has been in the Oxley family for generations.

Brent’s father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all worked the ranch before him, and he is proud to continue the tradition. The Frebo ranch is a beautiful piece of property that is home to many wildlife species.

Brent enjoys watching the deer, turkey, and quail that roam the ranch. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and two young sons on the ranch.

Who is the owner of Ox Ranch?

Brent Oxley is the owner of Ox Ranch. He is a third-generation rancher and has been in the business for over 20 years. He runs the ranch with his wife and two sons. The ranch is located in Texas and covers over 22,000 acres.

It is home to many different kinds of animals, including cattle, bison, elk, deer, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, and turkeys. Brent also offers hunting packages for those interested in pursuing game. In addition to being a rancher, Brent is also a pilot and enjoys flying his own plane.

How many acres is the G2 ranch in Texas?

The G2 ranch in Texas spans 8,000 acres. That’s a lot of land to explore! Whether you’re looking to hike, bike, or just take in the scenery, there’s plenty to see and do on this property.

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How many acres is the Shonto ranch?

The Shonto ranch is a massive 1,000 acres. It’s located in Texas and offers a unique adventure with its hunting, fishing, and camera tours. The ranch is home to white tial deer and exotic game.