Can Fishing Minions Get Clay?

What minion is best for fishing exp?

– 389. fishing minions. – 122. clay minions. – results.

How do I get more fishing XP from minions?

You can get more Fishing XP from minions by fishing when they have an orange fish icon on their head. Don’t worry about the amount of XP you are going to get, it is usually just a matter of luck.

How do you get clay in Hypixel SkyBlock?

The best way to get clay on the Hypixel online Minecraft server specifically is in one every specific lake.

Does Clay minion give fishing XP?

Clay minions are great for mining and fishing. They are similar to snow minions but provide different xp for each skill. If you hate fishing like I do, I would recommend putting up clay minions.

How do you get clay minions?

You can unlock the Clay Minion recipes by completing the Clay I game level. These recipes may then be placed on the Player’s Island. Clay minions will produce clay, which can be used to make money. These characters are typically used to sell to NPCs.

How do you get clay for clay minions?

To create clay minions, you need to have clay and paint.


Do clay minions give fishing XP?

There are no XP gains associated with using clay minions.

What are Clay minions good for?

Clay minions are generally used to sell things to NPC’s. If you’re still using clay minions, think about what else you could use them for. For example, clay minions can be a good source of money if you make an Enchanted Lava Bucket, Super Compactor 3000, and Diamond Spreading.

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Are clay minions better than diamond minions?

Diamond minions tend to be more valuable than clay minions. Clay minions are generally weaker and less valuable than diamonds. Diamonds are more valuable and useful for a number of reasons.

What is the fastest way to get fishing XP?

The fastest way to get fishing XP is to fish for a certain amount of hours in a day. Fishing for a certain amount of hours in a day and then waiting for the fishing XP to accumulate.

What should I put in my clay minion?

– Wheat. – Carrot. – Potato. – Pumpkin. – Melon. – Mushroom. – Cocoa Beans. – Cactus.